This step is optional, but you probably want to set up an email address that ends with your website name. Some webhosts will allow you to set up email accounts through them (with limitations). My guide below highlights my experience with setting up email accounts for Bootstrap Website, via my webhost, Bluehost.

If you’ll like to have a website hosted with Bluehost, get step-by-step instructions to setting up your website here.


Setting Up an Email Account

After logging into my Bluehost Control Panel, I clicked on ‘Email‘. I chose the email account that I wanted to add, a password, gave it unlimited quota so I don’t have to worry about space and created the account.

Creating Email Account


Configuring Your Email Account

Once I’ve set up my email account, I wanted to configure that on my iPhone and iPad. The details needed were provided to me:

Configuring Email

I created a New Email Account on my iPhone.

Email - iPhone 1

Tip: Make sure you are using IMAP. This allows for synchronizing of emails across your devices.

Email - iPhone 2

Tip: Make sure you also fill in Outgoing Mail Server even if it says optional. Otherwise, you cannot send out emails.

Email - iPhone 3

Tip: Make sure you click ‘Advanced‘, and type ‘INBOX‘ to ‘IMAP Path Prefix’ . Otherwise, you won’t be able to move emails between folders, including deleting emails.

Email - iPhone 4

Email - iPhone 5

Once you’ve done these steps, you can access your emails on your mobile devices. Of course, you can also log in to your desktop/laptop email clients using the same login details.