I’ve found an awesome way to sell digital goods online – eBooks, songs, software, zip files – you name it. I’m really excited to share with you about it- it’s called Gumroad.


What is Gumroad?

Here’s an introduction to Gumroad:

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dVhAyL8-w8′]

I love the idea of Gumroad as it is super easy to use,  super easy for customers to buy, and really affordable to use.


Selling Digital Goods without a Website

You do not even need a website to sell on Gumroad. Just set up an account, add a product and share the product link with your friends.

And here’s Bon Jovi’s Platinum Album on Gumroad.


Overlay Feature

Easily place buy now buttons (as below) or using links on your website like this. Just install the Gumroad plugin on your WordPress website.

Buy Now

Implementing SSL certificate (more technical) is highly recommended, but not required for Overlay in terms of security (I’ve checked with them).


Embedding Feature

I haven’t implemented the Embed feature yet as it requires a SSL to be purchased and set up on your website, which is a bit more steps. But you can see the actual embed here. Below is just a screenshot.

Gumroad Embed


Email Your Customers

Gumroad collects emails of your customers (which is awesome). You can use their inbuilt email system to email your customers to let them know of upcoming products or anything they will be interested in.

Unfortunately, at this moment, they do not integrate with Mailchimp and Aweber, but this is the simplest, fastest way I know to get started.

If you do want to export your customer list to Mailchimp or Aweber, I’ll highly recommend you send them an email for them to subscribe to your list (i.e. get their permission to do so).


Honest Pricing

All payment systems charge you one way or another for receiving money. This sometimes means a monthly fee, and often a transaction fee per transaction.

With Gumroad, they provide a payment system, a checkout process, a product delivery system and a customer email management system for a very easy to understand pricing of 5% + $0.25.

Which means that you only pay a fee when you sell something. This seems extremely fair to me.


Receiving Money

Receiving money is an easy process. Here’s an article with the full details.

For United States and Japan, you can receive money via Direct Deposit.

For other countries – they’ll send you the money via PayPal.


Gumroad Gallery

Another plus point is if you have several products to sell and you want to direct your ‘store’ to your friends, you can easily provide the Gumroad Gallery link.

See the below video as an example and Eminem’s Gallery.

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl5ye-bMRjk’]

Does this also work for physical products? It does for United States at the moment, but if you want to sell physical products on your website, I think you might want to look at Ecwid, which allows you to embed a full-fledged store on your website, complete with shipping management.

Gumroad is a super easy way to sell eBooks, songs, artwork, software online, and I highly recommend that you try it. I don’t have any ebook or other digital product to sell at the moment, but I’ll be sure to use Gumroad when I do.