Being the dominant content management system on the internet, WordPress can be a target for hackers.

As we’re all aware, hackers can go to your wordpress admin page (e.g. my admin page is to use brute force attack (trying random passwords over and over again) to force their way in. The bad thing is even if they do not succeed, the numerous attempts they make can overload your website, making it unavailable to your visitors.

Thankfully,there are many free and premium plugins available to secure your website from hackers. You can use any one of them, and in my case, I use one that is trusted by many WordPress site owners.


Using Wordfence to Protect My Website

There are many free and paid options to protect your WordPress site. Wordfence is a highly rated free security plugin that I found and liked, and therefore use to protect Bootstrap Website.

To use Wordfence, go to your Plugins section and install and activate it.


Real Time Protection

I really like their approach of protecting your website – using the collective intelligence of numerous WordPress sites using Wordfence to protect against hackers. When 1 WordPress site using Wordfence is being attacked, all WordPress sites using Wordfence automatically blocks this attacker. This makes the protection as up to date as possible.

Click here to see attacks worldwide in real time.


Email Alerts

Wordfence also provides you email alerts (which you can disable) of the following:

  • If someone (including yourself) logs into the Admin panel
  • If your theme or plugin has a new update

These are nice to have features that you know Wordfence is looking out for you.


Wordfence Premium

If your website is your livelihood and you need even greater protection, Wordfence offers you premium options as well.

Among them, cell phone sign in (two-factor authentication) and country blocking seem to be effective ways to further secure your website.

I’m still using the free version at the moment, but glad to know that additional premium options are available.