Bootstrap Website is my medium of sharing what I know with the world. Over time, I’ll be putting together a lot of articles and guides to help others get on the internet. The last thing I want is that all my content disappears/gets hacked for one reason or another. That’s why, I needed security (see my post on securing my WordPress site), and a way to back up my website.


Using UpdraftPlus to Back Up My Website

There are many free and paid options out there to back up your WordPress site. The free (yet incredibly robust) option that I found and liked is UpdraftPlus.

To use UpdraftPlus, go to your Plugins section and install and activate it.


Backup and Restore

You can use UpdraftPlus to do a backup immediately by clicking Backup Now. You can also restore a backup you’ve made.

Back Up 1


Automatic Backups

What I really liked about UpdraftPlus is that they allow you to schedule automatic backups. What I did is to schedule a daily backup, so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to do a backup periodically. You can also specific the number of backups to retain (UpdraftPlus will delete the earlier versions).


Back Up 2


Automatic Cloud Backups

By default, the backups are made on your servers (which may defeat the point if the server goes down totally, though I’m sure all webhosts do regular backups themselves).

What is really awesome about UpdraftPlus is that it integrates with several Cloud Storage providers, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

In my instance, I use Dropbox, which is super easy to set up. Sign up for a free 2GB storage space if you do not already have an account. My referral link will give both of us 500mb extra space.

Once you’ve had a Dropbox account, authenticate it with Dropbox, and follow the simple instructions to set up automatic schedule backups. Now both you and I can sleep better at night, knowing that the contents of our website are safe.

Back Up 3


How do I know It’s Working

When backing up to Dropbox, my backups are automatically made every day. The folder is Dropbox -> Apps -> UpdraftPlus

Back Up 4


How do I Restore a Backup

We hope never to need to use this. The restore options provided are simple to use. Due to a scare (which turned out to be a false alarm) I had in my first few weeks of setting up Bootstrap Website, I actually used the restore function. So I have to unfortunate experience of sharing with you that the restore function did actually work, which is good news.

Restoring Backup


UpdraftPlus Premium

Like many great free plugins, UpdraftPlus has a premium option, which delivers more features (such as backing up to multiple cloud providers at one go, in case one goes down). I’m still using the free option, and grateful that it works incredibly well, but it’s good to know that there are options to upgrade if I wish to in the future.