Now this is a fun post. Since you’re starting a website, most likely you’ll need a logo for visitors to identify you with. If you are the creative sort, you can create your own logo. If you are like me however, you may want to outsource this task. I was excited to use Fiverr to find someone to create my logo for only $5.


Getting a Professional Logo for $5

I did a bit of searching and found this particular seller whose work I liked. I went to her gig and I thought her work looked pretty good.Logo Fiverr 1 Logo Fiverr 2


What’s more, she has an excellent rating, and has done this so many times.

Logo Fiverr 3


Of course, the experience differs from individual sellers to individual buyers, but I had a most pleasant experience with her.

Logo Fiverr Communication

Adding a Logo to Your Site

As WordPress doesn’t have an inbuilt method to upload your Logo and Favicon, this function is typically built into each of the themes – most themes will give you a place to insert your logo into.

Here’s how I did added my logo onto my theme:

Upload Logo


Adding a Favicon to Your Site

A Favicon is this little square that peaks out of your browser when visitors are on your page. You can see Bootstrap Website’s Favicon on the top left corner in the image below.


People usually recommend a 32×32 pixel favicon, though these days with the Retina iPad, it may require 152×152 to be clear.

You can use an imaging editing tool to make a favicon. Or you can get it done on Fiverr for $5.

I did it myself as it’s just a tiny image and takes just a bit of  time. I basically cut out the ‘B’ from Bootstrap Website logo, turned it into a .png square.

Adding Favicon through my theme

Upload Favicon


If Your Theme Doesn’t Allow Favicon, here’s a free plugin that works for many people.