It can be pretty common for sites to have a physical location. Especially so if you’re running a business and you want to show your customers how to get to your location.

Yes, you can simply list down your physical address, but it’ll be more visually appealing if you show them exactly where you’re located by using a map.

If you’ll like to display your address, you can do so with the following simple steps:


1. Find the location on Google Maps

Go to and search for the location you’re looking. Click on the area in the red circle to reveal more options.

Wordpress Google Maps

Then select Share or embed map

Wordpress Google Maps

In the Embed map area, copy the highlighted bunch of code.

Wordpress Google Maps


2. Paste the Google Maps code

In your WordPress Visual Editor post, switch to the ‘Text’ editor. This is the area that WordPress sees as code.

All you need to do then is paste the code you copied earlier into the area you want.

Wordpress Google Maps


3. Your Google Maps is embedded

Once you’ve done so, you’ll see the Google Maps embedded on your WordPress post, like what you see below here.

It wasn’t that difficult, was it? Try it out yourself!


Bonus Tip

To make your Google Map “fit” the width of the contents on your page, change the width value to “100%“. This “stretches” out the width of the map to fit your site nicely.

You can also change the value of height (in pixels) if you wish to.

Wordpress Google Maps 5