When you want to add videos to your website, it’s always a much better idea to upload your videos to Youtube and Vimeo, and embed the video on your site instead.

This is because videos can take up much bandwidth on your server, and this task is best left to video companies who specialise in this. Moreover, it’s much easier for you to share your video link to others as well.


1. Choose the Video You Want

If you want to embed your own video, first sign up for a free account with either Youtube or Vimeo. Then upload your video onto the service.

If you want to embed other people’s video on your site, you don’t have to sign up with an account.

Once you’ve decided on the video you want, click on the “Share” button.

Wordpress Youtube 3

In the Embed area, copy the highlighted code.

Wordpress Youtube 4


2. Paste the YouTube Code

In your WordPress Visual Editor post, switch to the Text Editor. This is the area WordPress sees as code.

All you need to do is paste the code you copied earlier into the area you want.

Wordpress Youtube 6


3. Your Video is Embedded

As you can see here, the YouTube video I selected is showing below. Now enjoy some fine basketball 😉

As you can see, embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video is literally a copy and paste action. Go ahead and try it too!


Bonus Tip

To make your YouTube video “fit” the width of the contents of your page, change the width value to “100%“. This “stretches” out the width of the video to fit your site nicely.

You can also change the value of the height (in pixels) if you want to.

Wordpress Youtube 5