There are 3 main ways to install and activate a plugin.


1. Search the free plugin repository in WordPress and Install it

If it’s a free plugin, chances are, it is in the WordPress plugin repository.

Go to Plugins > Add New

Plugin - Add New

Search (name of plugin) and install it directly.

Plugin - Search


Remember to activate the installed plugin.


2. Upload the plugin in WordPress (works for both free and premium plugins)

When you purchase a premium plugin, it will not be available in the repository, so you’ll need to upload it yourself. Thankfully, it’s a relatively easy thing to do.

In the plugins section, go to upload, choose the file, and click install now.
Plugin - Upload

Remember to activate the installed plugin.


3. Upload the plugin Manually

In the event the plugin file size is too large, uploading of the plugin within WordPress might fail. This last option is a little out of the way, as it requires you to log into your webhost’s site, but once you’ve done it once, you’ll get the hang of it.

I’m using Bluehost for my webhosting needs, and after logging in to the control panel, I clicked on File Manager.

Installing Theme 6

I navigated to the correct folder. public_html > wp-content > plugins.

I then uploaded the plugin zip file.
Plugin - Upload 2

Once the zip file is uploaded correctly, I extracted the contents.

Plugin - Upload 3

Remember to activate the installed plugin in the WordPress admin.


How to Access Plugin Settings

WordPress gives developer freedom to place their plugin settings in many places – all over the place within your WordPress admin.

In case you have trouble finding your plugin, they can be found in the following situations:

In Plugin > Settings
Plugin Location 1

On the Admin Panel

Plugin Location 2

In SettingsPlugin Location 3


That’s it!

I hope you found the above guide helpful.

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